Using Dotnetnuke FNL Module to create random quotes

Few days ago, I was working on a project that was a website for a training center. Website required to have random quotes. Because I managed to make it different, I thought it’s good to share it. When it comes to websites, my default option is Dotnetnuke. I used to work with DNN since version 3, so it’s quite easy for me to do things with it. Sometimes I find people(developers) having a little doubt about Dnn, but as I noticed, for most of them it’s because they don’t know how to use or they had misconceptions about DNN. Once I had the chance to present to them, I saw they change their minds about it :).

There are a lot of free DNN modules developed by core members or other developers, you can find most of them on Codeplex using Dotnetnuke key in search criteria, or you can go to Dotetnuke Forge. If none of them helps what you are looking for, it’s quite easy to develop one of your own.  You can start by using Christoc’s module template. Continue reading